Regardless of where you are from, snowboarding is a thrilling way to explore the winter wonderland.
The bond built between a rider and the mountains is almost unbreakable.


My name is Edward Williamson, founder of the Avalanche Snowboard Trainer (AST). This product was created out of the necessity to teach our family to snowboard. Now we want to pass our success on to your family. The AST was designed at our shop in Oklahoma, and we insisted on utilizing only the best resources available. With high-strength aluminum and industry-standard design, the AST is a game changer for snowboarders. The product features quality parts that will last users a lifetime. We stand by our guarantee that the AST will be both dependable and fun to use.
Price: $149 / Pair


The AST is designed to prevent falls and the injuries that come with them. With this product, you’ll be able to learn snowboarding techniques in a safer, more comfortable way.

We made it easy to use and install, so you’ll be up and running in no time. First, the boot plates are strapped on. Next, the guide rods are attached between the boot plates of the instructor and of the student respectively. After this is done, the connection is complete.
Both riders become one unit once connected, which allows the instructor to have a significant measure of control over both boards and riders. At this point, the instructor can control the steering and speed of the student’s board by simply controlling his/her own board.
With the AST, you’ll never have to worry about falling again.


These first stages of learning to ride are often when a beginner decides that they have had enough and quit the sport altogether. Here is when the AST comes in.
What’s better than learning how to snowboard with a friend by your side? Not much! Learning how to snowboard can be tough, but having an easy-to-use tool can make the process more enjoyable.
Get your Avalanche Snowboard Trainer by 05/15/2023 when you pre-order today!